Dental Implants

Strong, Secure Tooth Replacement

Your oral health is at risk the longer you delay tooth replacement. Dental implants give you a secure and stable new tooth root that supports the restoration of your tooth structure and function.

A Solution for the Loss of One Tooth

One missing tooth can affect your oral health. A single implant provides a secure tooth replacement.

The implant creates a new tooth root when placed within your jawbone and gum tissue. Your single implant is made from a surgical grade of titanium to give you a strong, secure new tooth.

Tooth Replacement Supported by Implants

Your surrounding teeth are affected by tooth loss. A bridge implant uses the security of dental implants that doesn’t include using an implant for each lost tooth.

Implant placement requires that your jawbone and gum tissue are healthy. A single implant is placed at designated locations in your jawbone to support your bridge.

Increased Denture Security

Traditional dentures have a reputation for slipping. They can also erode and damage your jawbone and gums.

Implant dentures are securely anchored at specific locations in your upper and/or lower jawbone using single implants. Your implant denture provides a long-term tooth replacement that will not shift or move.

A Cost-Saving, Fast Tooth Replacement

Teeth in a Day relies on dental implants to secure and restore your missing teeth. The treatment costs less and requires less time than a standard implant procedure.

A specific number of dental implants are placed at designated places in your jawbone. Your new set of teeth are permanently secured to the implants following a healing period.

You can depart your one-day appointment with the ability to eat and chew. The Teeth in a Day procedure fully restores your tooth function and appearance.

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